Open Sky: Part 2 and 3

As I continued reading into the rest of Virilio’s Open Sky, I was imagining the imagery of a post-apocalyptic world that was physically or morally destroyed as a result of technology’s disastrous effects. Having taken a freshman seminar on Religion and Science Fiction, I was exposed to a lot of literature and film that related to … Continue reading

Virilio: Open Sky Part 1

As I’m sure many others have noticed, VIrilio’s Open Sky has a lot of formal language and deep thinking. He almost sounds like some sci-fi character from a movie warning the population about the evils of future technology. The book has some interesting, sort of dark concepts that do make the reader think about where the … Continue reading

How Journalists Can Stay Out of Court

Dealing with legal issues can be pretty serious for journalists. In an age where pretty much everyone on the internet is a type of journalist, our words and reports still have limits. We can’t just plagiarize, download, or redistribute information without taking the risk of suffering serious consequences from the law. I found Chapter 11 … Continue reading